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Joseph Conrad’s novella Heart of Darkness has been discussed in depth by many critics covering its consevertial topics. Some critics such as Chinua Achebe, argue that the novella is racist. While others defend Conrad’s novella by arguing that the text investigates the racism and exposes it during the time period Read more…

Victims are not made nor born. Becoming a victim is somehow a logical balance between destiny and choice. According to Sykes (1992), one unfortunate event cannot raise a victim.  There must be a fixed viscosity in the surroundings to be able to raise a victim. Once a person became a Read more…

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Of SpellingPretextual Discourses: Constructivism in the works of Spelling1. Spelling and Derridaist reading“Society is fundamentally meaningless,” says Sartre. Many narratives concerning the role of the participant as poet may be discovered. But Foucault uses the term ‘constructivism’ to denote the futility, and some would say the failure, of dialectic art. Read more…


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