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One of the most powerful and captivating issues about poetry is the ability to describe the same themes in many different and unpredictable ways. Constant discussions about death, its perception by people, and the possibility to avoid death seem to be the most frequent literary issues for consideration. The two Read more…

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  Other than the contrasting portrayal of emotional connotations (negative and positive), both poets have dissimilar illustrations of the language and form within their poems. Within On Myself, Finch uses gustatory, kinaesthetic and visual imagery to create a picture of her thoughts and feelings. Using the word ‘taste’, the gustatory Read more…

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Contrastive analysisThese two poems ‘Harlem’ and’Dreams’ was written by Negro(black) poet Langston Hughes. The poem Harlem has fourstanzas eleven short lines.Harlem is written in free verse which doesn’t havespecific pattern. Harlem doesn’t have any rhyme scheme. It’s basically a lyricpoem with no regular rhyme. On the other hand ‘Dreams’has two Read more…


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