Disease Line Description: It’s the loss of the

Disease condition name: Agnosias Also Known As: Pronounced As: ag-noh-zhuh-s/?h?p ??ta? t?s/ One Line Description: It’s the loss of the ability to process sensory information. Short description:  ·         Causes: Brain neuronal degeneration due to disease and brain trauma affecting the sensory pathways. ·         Symptoms: Inability to recognize objects visually or Read more…

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 Naturally, insulin isthe hormone that is produced by the pancreas that allows your body to useglucose from carbohydrates. When someone has Type I Diabetes, their bodydoesn’t produce insulin naturally. That’s were insulin shots came in handy. Hello, we are comingfrom the company Galvus. We are a company who sells insulin, it Read more…

Stress left until I am done with

             Stressis not healthy for any person. There are several ways to cope with stress. Forexample: medication, the fight-or-flight response, social support, proper rest,and many others. There’s always a way to deal with stress, you just have tofigure out which way works best for you.             Peopledeal with stress in Read more…


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