1. as follows: Ecological Adaptations in Hydrophytes:

1. Hydrophilous plants: Hydrophytes (in water); Helophytes (in marsh). 2. Xerophilous plants: Oxylophytes (on acid soil); Psychro- phytes (on cold soils); Halophytes (on saline soils) ; Lithophytes (on rocks); Psammophytes (on sand and gravel); Chersophytes (on waste lands); Eremophytes (deserts and steppe);-Psilophytes (on savannah); Scleropbyllous formations (bush and forests) and Read more…

Pharmacist demand, and the demand is expected to

 Pharmacist is a healthcare professional who is expert on pharmaceutical drugs and how they act to fight diseases and improve the health of the patient. Pharmacist can work in the hospital, clinics, and other healthcare settings.              Pre-pharmacy courses offered two or four-years degree. Undergraduate degree covered general education and Read more…

Thus, is the concern of that branch

Thus, physical anthropology has a sort of specialization or sharp­ening of certain aspects of general biology. Still another speciality of physical anthropology is that it is concerned only with limited and re­stricted study of the human species. It never moves beyond the study of humans. David Bidney has taken a Read more…


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