In knowledge of alternative methods of doing

In Europe and USA, a class of professionals called the “hospital consultant” has emerged separate from the professional hospital adminis­trator. It is a matter of debate whether such strict comport- metallization is useful, or even necessary. A professional trained as a hospital administrator with adequate experience can profitably combine the Read more…

No human being is known to have normally developed in isolation. A few instances like that of Kasper Hauser, the wolf-children of India called Kamala and her sister; the isolated, illegitimate child Anna and others have fortified the fact that man develops human qualities only in society. He can attain Read more…

The Nigeria Political Process prior to the

The Nigeria Political Process prior to the 1999 democraticrule has been dominated by military dictatorship after several year ofpolitical subjugation or hostage in the hand of military rulers, the politicalprocess seem to be under threat by the emergence of political gladiators. 1 Oluloyo,V. (2014) stated that the phenomena canbe generally Read more…


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