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In the year 1789, George Washington was elected the nation’s first president. The United States of America had just broken off from monarchist rule by Great Britain, and the founding fathers devised a governmental plan for the government, The Constitution. The Constitution set forth rules that the government, the people, Read more…

Happiness and well-being are the main pursuits in

Happiness and well-being are the main pursuits in life of most, if not all individuals. Through the past decade, positive psychology research focused mainly on interventions, either cognitively or behaviorally, designed to increase happiness and achieve better well-being. Research evidence to date suggest that happiness and well-being can be increased Read more…

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In Budweiser’s Super Bowl commercial “Lost Dog”, the speaker (Budweiser) utilizes a variety of rhetorical strategies in order to promote the companies message (purchase our product). The audience for this commercial is not as broad as some may think. One of the obvious audience choices would be those who are Read more…


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