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                     Comfort comes with a price, The future of conservation of household energy.                                                 Name: Johnny Tekola                                                 Major: Environmental Engineering   Natural gas is consumed tremendously in the United State household as well as electric energy. Water Heater, Refrigerator, Air Read more…

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Emma Herold Static Electricity                   To most people static electricity is just the shock that happens when you rub your feet on a carpet and touch a doorknob. In reality, it is a powerful force of electricity that significantly improves daily life. For example, static electricity powers things like printers, Read more…

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Age estimation using Orthopantomograph and Willems method in Chitwan population: an original study Abstract: Utilization of age estimation has increased manifold in recent years. Various methods available for age estimation before the complete dentition has erupted and matured till the root closure stage include Nolla’s stages, Demirijan”s method, modified Demirijan’s Read more…


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