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The marine biotic communities can be studied separately for different life zones of the ocean as follows: 1. Biotic communities of oceanic region: The oceanic region or pelagic zone is less rich in species and numbers than the coastal areas, but it has its characteristic species. Many of these are Read more…

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Density gives an idea of competition. If density is more, it means there is more degree of competition between the indivi­duals of the species. Density is expressed as number of individuals per unit area and is calculated as follows: Density = Total number of individuals of the species in all Read more…

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The rise and fall of these factors very frequently affect the fauna, altering their number and diversity. Some of the important factors of fresh-water environ­ment are following: Pressure, Density and Buoyancy: The pressure imposed on a lake-dwelling organism is the weight of the column of water above it plus the Read more…


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