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Each of them caters to particular needs of customers. There are certain advantages of large scale retailing, which has led to the evolution of such organisations in the distribution process. Following are some of the advantages: Advantages: 1. Large scale retailing business houses are able to get the benefits of Read more…

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Many instances of broken homes, family unhappiness and high infant mortality rate can be attributed to sexually transmitted diseases which may be due to marital disharmony, poverty, alcoholism and family quarrels. The basic social factors responsible for the spread of sexually transmitted diseases is prostitution which is quite high in Read more…

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Abstract: The point of this investigation was to examine the commonness and types of work environment harassing among business experts holding dominatingly administrative or master positions. A cross-sectional study ponder was led among Finnish experts with a college degree in business considers. In the investigation, two distinct procedures for measuring Read more…


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