Unfortunately, urgency. Moreover, a nurse must be able

Unfortunately, the role of nurses is often underestimated, despite the fact that these healthcare professionals must have a great number of skills and competences such as excellent knowledge of medicine, ability to communicate with people of various backgrounds, leadership, quick decision-making and, most importantly, compassionate attitude toward the patient. Without Read more…

Yet, came only when the party system

Yet, within a few years of the career of the Union party divisions and party spirit were sufficiently evident. In the Presidential election of 1796, there were two national parties, one supporting John Adams and the other supporting Thomas Jefferson. By 1800, the party system had settled itself quite firmly Read more…

Many such as education, marital life and business.

Many contemporary organizations have adopted diversity policies in their human resource practices not only to enhance equal opportunity and fair hiring practices but also to overcome long-held stereotypes and cultural misconceptions that certain categories of employees were previously automatically excluded from certain career ventures based on the gender, ethnicity, race, Read more…


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