“Come or off a team. “First off it

 “Come on Kimber, you’d do great! You’ve played soccer all your life I’m sure you’d make the team,” my best friend Alison persisted.      “There’s only a boys team and I’ve never tried out for a team anyway,” I was a little disappointed I couldn’t try out but like I said Read more…

A be violated until and unless one feels

A remarkable increase in different issues like network complexity, increased access of Internet, information sharing and a growing impact of Internet gives rise to security and privacy as a major interest for research. “Data mining is a technique for extracting knowledge automatically and intelligently from huge amount of data.” Privacy Read more…

Once the New World had their own

Once Christopher Columbus found and brought back news of the New World, everyone in Europe wanted to go and explore it. Each country that arrived in the New World had their own agenda for coming. Some countries wanted to create an empire, while others wished to expand their trade routes. Read more…


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