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Who told you that right after a case of bankruptcy your world would never be the same again? You may have lost everything that you’ve had during the battle against bankruptcy but never think of losing hope because you could still secure a home financing after bankruptcy. Most often, the lenders Read more…

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If the picture didn’t already explain what socialism is then I guess I’ll have to do it. Imagine a shoe factory. There’s 100 workers, 10 managers and an owner. The factory makes and sells $100,000 worth of shoes per week on average. It pays about $40,000 towards the workers’ salaries, $40,000 Read more…

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The story began when then New York Subway Train departed from Pelham Bay Pak Station at exactly 1:23pm and it was hijack by a man wearing glasses and has a lot of tattoo who was with the three armored men. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) employee named Garber looked at Read more…


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