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The term macroeconomics is mostly confused with microeconomics and so there is need to first put up a clear distinction of the two. The online Business dictionary site, by the Walden University, defines macroeconomics as the “Study of the behavior of the whole (aggregate) economies or economic systems instead of Read more…

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The French Revolution lasted for a period of about one decade ranging from1789 to 1799. The period was characterised by radical socio-economic and political transformations and it also marked the collapse of absolute monarchy (Kates 56). There were three major social groups in France prior to the French revolution. These Read more…

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The Editor, The Telegraph, Ñ /î: Union Club and Library, Hazaribagh Road, Ranchi – 834 001. Subject: Price rise of essential commodities Sir, Only two months ago, the union government assured us that it had taken all necessary measures to bring the price situation under control, and that very soon Read more…


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