Anzhi of the US’s policies and strategies

AnzhiJiangInternationalRelations of Northeast AsiaJan16, 2018The U. S.-Japan Relations: A U.S.PerspectiveIntroductionThe U.S.-Japan relationship since the endof World War II has been intimate and complex. The formal structure supportingthe relationship has been the US-Japan security alliance, however, thebilateral relationship encompasses no only the military alliance but also closeand complex economic and political Read more…

EDL and education. After the WWII neoliberalism came

  EDL696ARace, Neoliberalism,and Education         Neoliberalism on Education and Race1/19/18     “Thevery design of neoliberal principles is a direct attack on democracy.”-NoamChomskyIntroductionNeoliberalism is a complex subject especiallywhen we think about class, race, gender, and education. After the WWII neoliberalismcame into being to revive the world economy (that was destroyed during theWWII), by introducing free market, Read more…

War war is usually placed on the

War is harmful not just to the civilians but the soldiers as well. The effects range from physical, environmental, economic, psychological and even mental effects. All these effects depend on the magnitude of the war. War has enormous civil, political and moral consequences. A society’s happiness is usually diminished due Read more…


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