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If there’s one film in 2010 which has an obviously misleading title, it is definitely this movie. The word “monsters” conjures up images which are frightful and terrifying, but viewing this film may actually be disappointing for the most part. The story is basically about a photojournalist sent to Mexico Read more…

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While as hospitals tend to judge themselves on formal levels such as number of beds, specialists, equipment, and size of budget and so on; the patient is not interested in such statistical aggregates. Once in a hospital, he seeks satisfaction for his very special and private psychological and emotional needs. Read more…

Introduction countries out of which 14 were African.

Introduction Many African leaders today impute the desperate economic situations in their countries to the European colonization. Although this may be significantly true, the countries are perpetuators of their situations. During colonization, the European rulers deprived the Africans of their fundamental rights. This in effect rendered the Africans ‘passive’ towards Read more…


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