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When the likes of Mr. George Soros warn that the “global capitalism was coming undone”, matters must really be serious. Elsewhere in South East Asia, Mr. Mahathir Mohammad has been arguing that Asia is now haunted by ‘rampant capitalism’ blaming speculators for the woes of the region. What is ‘rampant Read more…

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In sedimentary cycles the main reservoir is the soil and the sedimentary and other rocks of the earth’s crust. Both involve biotic and abiotic agents, both are driven by the flow of energy and both are tied to the water cycle. Water Cycle: Living organisms, atmosphere and earth maintain between Read more…

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There was no express provision for anticipatory bail in the Old Code. The Law Commission, while recommending the introduction of this provision in the present Code, observed as follows: “Though there is a conflict of judicial opinion on the power of a Court to grant anticipatory bail, the majority view Read more…


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