They good micro-environments in low lying areas

They generally revitalise the dead/buried drainage systems, the ephemeral streams become very active. Considerable area cultivated illegally in the bed of the buried/dead drainage system gets inundated. The good micro-environments in low lying areas are severely affected and productivity is lost. In addition the houses, roads and bridges also collapse. Read more…

Introduction: Pyrene forms during incomplete burning of

Introduction: Heterocyclic chemistry is avery important branch of organic chemistry. Heterocyclic compounds are of verymuch interest in our daily life. Many natural products, vitamins, biomoleculesand wide variety of drugs have Heterocycles existing in them. The same appliesfor biologically active compounds, such as antitumor, antibiotic,anti-inflammatory, antimalarial, antidepressant, anti-HIV, antimicrobial,antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antidiabetic, Read more…


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