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They generally revitalise the dead/buried drainage systems, the ephemeral streams become very active. Considerable area cultivated illegally in the bed of the buried/dead drainage system gets inundated. The good micro-environments in low lying areas are severely affected and productivity is lost. In addition the houses, roads and bridges also collapse. Read more…

I working on a research project. As

I would like to pursue a Ph.D. program in Electrical Engineering (EE) at Yale University,because I am passionate about learning more concepts in EE as well as working on a researchproject. As describe below, my positive research and academic experiences at Lafayette Collegesparked my desire for graduate study.I worked with Read more…

The of the Islamic movement as well

The Byzantine Empire was a continuation of the Eastern Roman Empire that had separated itself from the western part of Rome during the 8th century. The Empire was based on Greek mythologies that were oriented around Constantinople and the Byzantines were remembered for the preservation of Greek philosophy and art Read more…


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