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1. Specialization tends to increase the amount of red-tape in coordinating adjacent departments. As a result there is a widespread temptation to short-circuit the chain of command. 2. Specialization encourages departments to compete for the power and prestige, often destructively. As emphasis on specialization increases within organization, the various specialists Read more…

GA-2: 2017, the estimated numbers are 65.5 millions,

GA-2: ECOFINTopic B: Financial Issues on Human Settlements of the RefugeesTable of ContentsGeneral OverviewPrevious Documents (Implemented and Unimplemented) (***unimplemented bc possible çözüm önerisi?) 4-5 syfBibliography 3 syfII. General OverviewAlthough people fleeing their countries to avoid conflict or persecution and seeking refuge in another is not a new phenomenon, the situation Read more…


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