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IT has made the world competitive and in the logistics field also it plays a crucial role. IT helps for smooth operation of the business and in this case the proposed solutions can be use of electronic commerce, social media and Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) tools. With the use of electronic Read more…

To free concessions to a wide range of

To promote and grow international trade, India adopted a policy of forming Regional Trade Agreements. They were assumed as ‘building blocks’ towards liberalization of trade.  The various levels of agreements are FTA – Free Trade Agreement, PTA- Preferential Trade Agreements, and CECA – Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreements etc. The first Read more…

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30 March 2002INTELLIGENCE REPORTING AND SECURITYIntelligence report writing takes a lot of preparation before finalizing or conducting a brief. There are many different techniques that can be used to present information that has been discovered during an intelligence investigation. Various charts can be used to analyze the timelines, criminal activities, Read more…


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