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Mapping QTL for water regime in spring bread wheat 2014 Abstract: for the first time the authors assessed and map the chromosomes QTLs for the manifestation of morpho-physiological and agronomic indices of plant water status and related quantitative traits such as plants height, weight and dry matter content in spring Read more…

Issues Large number of existing messaging standards

Issues Related to Existing Payment Systems   Infrastructure Duplication   The evolution of isolated payments systems caused a substantial amount of infrastructure duplication amongst banks. This duplication includes both software and hardware, which is usually provided by various vendors consequently result in a high maintenance cost. This duplication concern is Read more…

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In the past two decades, Asia has experience a fast-paced urbanization fueled by significant economic growth. With rapid economic growth in Asian countries like China and India, urbanizing and transforming at a fast rate, one can gasp how there is a clear correlation between urbanization and economic growth in Asia. Read more…


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