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ABSTRACTE-Governance stands for Electronic Governance. It is the mechanism for deliveringbasic government services electronically to the citizens. Government of India has approvedNational e Governance Plan (NeGP), comprising of27 Mission Mode Projects(MMPs). For Implementation of e-Governance in Punjab, Government of Punjab hasentrusted DOIT (Department of Information Technology) which formulate policy,give technical Read more…

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The Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources Career Cluster focuses on management, development, and use of natural resources. The Schwan Food Company posted 2,000 jobs in 2016 alone. Some things that would further your career process would be a driver’s license, Occupational Health & Safety Administration certification, Food Safety Program, first Read more…

Proposed paper covers the objectives and role of a Financial Management in ITIL framework to govern the IT services effectively. Proper allocation of Finance, Budget, Resources are critical factors contributing towards the profit of any IT service organization. For IT Services Organization to operate with highest ROI, it is crucial Read more…


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