Organizational techniques to enhance organization’s efficiency and

Organizational development is an endeavor designed by the top management through the application of behavioral-science techniques to enhance organization’s efficiency and profitability by means of interfering deliberately in the organization’s practice which should cover the whole organization. Organizational development will be applied to tackle and overcome problems in the retail Read more…

Kristina to force the society to follow

Kristina KnightTheories of International Relations (INR 4603)Onur ErpulWeek 1  “Question: In what ways is International Relations distinct from other disciplines? (i.e. focus area(s), fundamental qualities, relationship to real-world politics).”International relations often put under the umbrella of political science is quite different from its father term and other disciplines. International relations in Read more…

I out of 150 points in the entrance

 I am writing to apply for a scholarship tostudy Software Engineering at Master`s level.  Before mentioning my purposes of theapplication, I would like to give a brief information about my educational andprofessional background. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” one of thebest proverbs I follow to achieve my goals Read more…


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