Globalisation of the world as a unity due

Globalisation can be defined as the progression of the world becoming smaller which strengthens social interactions all over the world as a result of advanced technology and diminishing significance of borders between states (Giddens, 1991; Larsson, 2001). Globalisation has also increased the perception of the world as a unity due Read more…

1) which is crucial for research. He enjoys

1) Academic preparation – The student has necessary foundation and is academically prepared to pursue graduate studies. Throughout his time at our university he has taken advantage of all the opportunities available. He had a challenging curriculum and  chosen one of the most demanding courses available at our university. He Read more…

Surrounding it. On the other hands if your

Surrounding environment plays the most important role in forming your thoughts. The people around you and the daily situations you come across make your personality. Your actions and decisions are directly influence by the people you are surrounded with. If you’re surrounded by negative people then you will also start Read more…


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