6. While this turned out to be to

6. His Demise Broke GoogleLike the Moon arrival and losing your virginity, the demise of Michael Jackson is an occasion where you recollect precisely where you were the point at which it happened. It was a worldwide occasion that brought about a relatively prompt overflowing of misery. We say nearly, Read more…

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  For the live performance critique, I decided to attend Disneys’ Beauty and the Beast at “the Media Theater Performing of the Arts”. Disney’s Beauty and the Beast play took place at the box office of The Media Theater location. The venue of the theater was so beautiful I have Read more…

Culture Shock

Abstract Culture shock results when a person finds it challenging to adapt to a new culture. If not managed, culture shock can lead to low productivity among staff and even health complications and stress. Globalization has enhanced international trade and increased the frequency of employee movements around the world and Read more…


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