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2. Dominance of Primary Relations: A village community is often regarded as primary group’. Hence the rural community is characterised by the primary relations. There exist faces-to- face relations among people. Every person knows every other and hence everyone is interested in the welfare of all. The village community is Read more…

Africa of the Lascaux comprised of: the

Africa Paleolithic period of time is distinguishable from other periods since it marked the start of technology with hominids introducing agriculture and tools made of stones. This was during the Stone Age. The main economic activity during Paleolithic period was hunting and gathering. Dominant tools were made of wood and Read more…

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In 1986, a law was enacted to prohibit child labour certain industries were even classified as hazardous Even the employment of children often under the pretext of family work was banned. This clearly meant that no one should employ children in these hazardous industries not even by declaring them to Read more…


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