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PART ONE:When discussingsuccessful brands (especially international ones), one of the key qualities ischange – evolution; brands that lack the ability to adapt or evolve, struggleand in many cases, tend to get lost along the way.  Nicholas Ind further stretches this point in The Corporate Brand, he explains “beinga successful global Read more…

Republic with King Brian Boru,the 9th king of

            Republic of Ireland is a country inWestern Europe,it only occupies five-sixths of ireland’s total mass the otherone-sixths of it is Scotland. The whole country is slightly larger than WestVirginia.Sixty Six Percent of Ireland is Farmland,and the population mostlyresides of on the eastern side of Ireland.The population is  4. 773 Read more…

The and the top-most Sahastrara Chakra have

The modern world of medicine is finallycatching on to this hundred years old theory that was first referenced in theancient writings of the scholars Plato and Aristotle who both noted the healingqualities and influences music had on both humans and animals. The immensepotential of the power of Shabda (cosmic flow Read more…


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