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1.         Just
the process which led to creation of ‘Earthwatch’ is interesting because it was
created by banker who was only asked to finance some ordinary expedition to
Sahara. Logic that lead to creation of this organization is simple and unusual
for people with low social conscience and lack of responsibility for all the
society. People like creators of this organization were probably well educated
about scientific exploration and their role in everyday life. Rosborough have
confidence in the project trusting that he can provide an enough capital for
scientific researches by creating this organization. On their website was possible
to find information about their principles which states that promoting
scientific literacy is a way to access complex social and environmental issues
that are present in everyday life and represent a problem to society.

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GEM topology, there are four categories of GEM classifying social
entrepreneurship ventures. This organization cannot belong to innovative
non-profit organization because there are already organization who offer same
or very similar type of service. They cannot also be for-profit organization.
‘Earthwatch’ can belong to either hybrid type or imitative-profits type. There
is a slight difference and I would say that organization are closest imitative
since it is not profit organization and by definition, they can be considered
as part of this type because they are scientific, environmental and testing for
public safety organization. At least they try to be and their goal is to
achieve that (table 15.4 in note part says that organization on list are

2.         Timmons
Model has three stages that are related with uncertainty and connected to all
fits and gaps including detailed business plan. Opportunity for renewal is
clearly already there and it is never gone since scientific researches and
volunteer industry is constantly growing. Team also can be found since
organization has been successful during some previous time and has history
which can attract many experts and young enthusiastic people. Different paths
of renewal are in front of Ed Wilson and resources can find. One employee said
that key partnerships are the way out of this situation. That option is more
than realistic and considering all key factor in Ed’s situation, it is
currently the best.  They should also
focus on the brand identity because brand awareness is not so good. They need
improvement in team management, especially in marketing because their public
appearance is not on enviable level. Focus should be on better marketing for
retail projects and special offers for volunteers and better managerial
decision in order to approach corporate partnership. That can be done by
recognition of their problem and offering a solution without losing time by
waiting them to approach to some other organization or even ‘Earthwatch’. Since
2006 all big partner decided to give restricted grants and poor decisions by
people in organization led to that decision. Previous mistakes in working with
key partners in domain of restricted and unrestricted grants, which were
accepted without full understanding of delivery cost, caused a lot of problems.
Their cost accounting system and all these facts that are mentioned before are
caused by bad team and poor organization. I also mentioned the resources which
are directly related to team. Why? Bad decision, poor performance on the
‘field’, fight with competitors and not clearly defined competitive arena,
influenced that all these grants that were important source of financing and
key resources beside public support were spend on wrong way. Summarizing all
this, I would recommend Ed Wilson and organization generally to first choose
competitive arena for market themselves (environmental stewardship, adventure
travel, or volunteer vacations). After he choose one of these, he should focus
more on corporate partnerships because many of them are looking for quality
service more than they care about money they will pay. This is because most of
that companies are based on motto that good service cannot be expensive. These
should be done on the way that volunteers are not excluded from the ‘game’.
Since both of markets are expanding by time any of these can be potentially key
factor in rebuilding the organization, but Ed cannot offer himself the luxury
to depend on volunteers that are not interested in 2008 as they were 10 years
earlier. He need good managers and experts to reduce the time needed from
making an offer to beginning of process on the field, change the side in the
process of approaching the corporations, maybe include better offer since the
number of expeditions was decreased from 131 to 97 in just four years etc.

paragraph was analysis of organizational structure inside the company and
reasons that could possibly lead to current crisis. If we roughly consider
paths in which company should go it is easiest way if we consider it in terms
of market dynamics and competition, strictly considering competitive fields
(arenas). Adventure travel is one of the path in which is most difficult to
dominate. Competitors are everywhere and this organization uses just some
segments of that business path. Volunteers are people who volunteer for
different reasons and considering them strictly as ‘Earthwatch’ path for future
cannot be done. However, environmental stewardship was type where World
Wildlife Fund, one of the biggest competitor of ‘Earthwatch’, belongs. Same
branch of acting automatically puts them in the same hat. They are described as
‘world saviours’ which is closest to the definition and mission of
‘Earthwatch’. However, real state of company in this category was visible in
2006 when they had lowest public support and income among ten selected

3.         Enablers
and inhibitors of each path differs in details. Every enabler or inhibitor have
the reasons for being considered as that. Director of Marketing and
Communications, Chief Operating Officer and some employee give their opinion of
possible reasons that can cause crisis. Doing that, on some way they offered a
solutions that can be considered as possible paths for dealing with problems. Lase
one is fixing brand identity. Enabler is that fixing brand identity is possible
and it can be done cheaply. Non-traditional marketing and exclusive special
offers on monthly base combined by piece of fortune can change the company
revenue directly and attract corporations which should be primary target area
since their grants and contributions represents 57% of income. All these
enablers cannot change the fact that are that this process requires time which
is under the question mark because he has only a week and for this things a
long period of time is required. Just this one inhibitor is enough to ruin this
path of renewal. I personally consider that contacting big partners that
earlier gave unrestricted grants is fastest and painless way to bring back
company on the right path. Key partnership come together with this path of
renewal.  Enabler is that they are
probably willing to listen to him because they do not have anything to lose. He
needs to convince this team of people that ‘Earthwatch’ and him as a leader
will make sure that previous problems made in near past will forever stay there
and that this organization has bright future. On the other hand, inhibitor is
that these kind of people are probably big businessmen who rarely gives another
chance, especially with amount of money that organization currently needs. But,
as I said in some previous paragraphs they have money, they have social
conscience, they know how important the projects which this organization offers
can be important for the human population and they are Ed’s best chance.
However, I am convinced that Ed with his attitude, commitment and desire to
succeed and not to surrender in these kind of situation like twenty years ago
will manage to find path that will offer researchers and scientists to show the
human population an important facts from different sciences. 

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