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English III/2nd period
Mrs. Freyou
19, May 03
Alice Futral Land stars in many hit films that are
priceless to watch. Land’s best film of the year was Dynasty. She was
born in Los Angeles, where she still lives today. Her dream of becoming
actor came true in 1909 at the age of 25. The first film she was in made
her a fashionable wealthy woman.

Alice had a brother that plays professional football. Alex is
26 and he plays for the Miami Dolphins. He was drafted three years ago in
the first round as running back. Alice and Alex was brought up by their
foster parents. Their real parents died in a car accident. They were
young when their parents died.

Alex wanted Alice to meet one of his friends that is on his
football team with him. Alice had been looking for Mr. Right but she has
had bad luck with that. So, Alex wants to set up a date with Alice and Jim
Thorpe the kicker for Miami (Reed 267). Alice wants to know more about
him, so Alex describes his past accomplishments. Jim, a true athlete,
competed in Olympics, baseball and football. He first discovered his
talent in Track, which he was a Olympic Gold Medalist, in 1916 (Thorpe 2).

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Then he was introduced to football, which made him famous in 1909 (2).

Baseball was his last professional career in 1919. He didn’t play long.

Alice was anxious to meet him. So, Alice and Jim met at Alex’s House.

Then, they were going out to eat at American’s Steak House. Alice and Jim
were both attracted to each other. Jim was a real sociable guy, which made
it easier for Alice to get to know him better. After that night, they
started dating. A year pass, Alice and Jim are walking down the wedding
isle getting married. They both were wealthy and deep in love. They
enjoyed spending time in bars and there camp. Alice became a alcoholic
about six years later. She was stressed over her work and she became
addicted. Jim tried to get her help but nothing seemed to get her better.

Divorce wasn’t common but this relationship came to a end (Jennings and
Brewster 115). She spent all her money on alcohol and partying. They went
to court and Alice wanted the house, her sports car, and 5 million from
Jim. He didn’t agree so he hired a lawyer by the name of A.J. Walsh a
successful intelligent man that never lost a case before (“Newfoundlanders”
Misc.n pag.). They went through court and Jim won the case. Since Jim was
a nice man he sent her a check of 20,000 every month to help her through
her struggles for the next five years.

Alice finally seeked help to get her life back on the right
track after four years of being divorced. Alice and Jim got back together
and had one little boy, which his dad is training him to become a athlete
like he was. Alice also started a Alcohol Awareness program to help others
with the addiction. Now, they are a happy family with much to look forward

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