Caring and passion are attributes that make me an ideal
candidate for the Early Childhood Studies degree. My ambition and determination
to provide children with the best possible start to life is the essence of a
career in childcare. Undertaking this degree will allow me to further develop
my knowledge on how children develop in physical, cognitive and social ways.
This degree will prepare me to become a competent advocate for young children.

I have carried out a work placement in Sandwell and West
Birmingham nursery in 2010. During this placement, I used my creativity in
order to plan out activities for children from the age of 3 months. My
communication skills enhanced, as the techniques I used varied between each
child depending on their stage in development. Helping children learn their
tactile and self-sufficiency skills proved to be very rewarding as I could see
their progress as they developed. Working in this environment has helped me gain
greater insight into the stages of development in younger children. In addition
to this, I worked as a Healthcare Apprentice at Walsall Manor Hospital, working
towards a level 2 Diploma in Clinical Healthcare Support (QCF) and Care
Certificate. The care certificate enhanced my knowledge of equality and
diversity, privacy and dignity, safeguarding adults and children, health and
safety and awareness of mental health. This knowledge is beneficial as it can
be applied to several different working environments. Being an apprentice
ensured that I was able to balance my placement alongside my theoretical
workload. I carried out my main practical placements on a short stay ward
whilst working in several other departments including paediatrics.

 I am currently working
as a healthcare assistant which helps me build my tolerance for working under
pressure whilst remaining calm and well organised in order to be efficient.
Strong communications skills are vital for this job as I communicate with
colleagues, patients and family members. During my practical placement there
are been situations were disagreements between colleges or patients have been
raised; in these situations, I was able to use my critical thinking skills to
resolve any conflict. As a Healthcare assistant, I completed mandatory training
and study days such as safeguarding for adults, safeguarding for children,
clinical updates, fire safety, conflict resolution, mental health awareness and
first aid. From my experiences, in the workplace, I have built strong
leadership skills and strengthened my time management skills, organisation and
my skills in team work. I use my initiative to carry out the tasks that need to
be done in order for all care being provided to patients is of a high standard.
From the experience I have gained I have been able to advanced my ability to
adapt to new situations.

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Previously studying psychology in 6th Form, I studied a case
study created by Rudolph Schaffer and Peggy Emerson (1964). This study is where
I derived my curiosity into early childhood studies as Schaffer and Emerson
(1964) discovered that children develop attachment through a sequence of 4
stages. This is where I gained my intrigue in the development of children from
a young age. At present, I am doing the Access to Health course which consists
of Study Skills, Health Studies, Anatomy and Physiology and Psychology. In
psychology, I have studied the psychology of mental health. This, I believe is
extremely beneficial as it will allow to see what factors could affect the
deployment of children.

Combining all the strengths and qualities I believe that I
will use this degree to reach my full potential in Children’s services.

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