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Career Path: The Journey to Your
Dream Job

In this report I’ve taken the
liberty of expressing my career path to my dream job, A general manager at
Sofitel’s London St. James hotel. I’ve also highlighted key factors to both the
accommodation industry along with facts pertaining to my hotel brand Sofitel or
its parent company AcorrHotels. An understanding will be gained of; the
accommodation industry nationally and globally, Sofitel’s history along with
information on how the company is run, things that both influence the hotels
operations, and how the brand holds it own against competitors in the industry.
The report will close with an explanation of why I chose to invest in a career
in this sector, including factors such as the economy and personal


Tourism Sector: Accommodation

The accommodation

Accommodation Sector: Sofitel Corporation

Sofitel brand was born on June 26th, 1964 by Banque Paribas, An
international French banking group. The first location was established in
Strasbourg, France and was the first five-star hotel within the city. Only a
short while after its opening the brand success grew, by the 1970’s the French
hospitality brand had begun to go international with locations opening in both
the Philippines and the United States. Sofitel was purchased by the current
owners, Accor Hotels Group in 1980. Accor Hotels which also is the owner of
Fairmount hotels and many other successful brands employs 250,000 people in
over 100 different positions globally (Everything About Us). Although statistics
are limited on Sofitel itself, its parent company lacks none. Accor Hotels
group made €5.6bn in revenue in 2016 being up 2.2% from 2015. In the first half
of 2017, the brand had made €922 million in revenue. The number is 8.3%
increase from the first half of 2016 (FY 2016 Results
Presentation). AccorHotels operates on an
international market and has various shareholders, As of June 30th,
2017 65.41% float in the general public and 21.46% is held by board members
founders (Shareholding Structure:
AccorHotels). The Sofitel brand includes; Sofitel
hotel and Resorts, SO/ Sofitel, Sofitel Legend, and MGallery hotels. Each of
the brands is designed with a purpose in mind and each has goal to create the
best experiences. “All Sofitel
hotels share an authentic passion for the new French art de vivre and luxurious
French hospitality: embracing and honoring local culture; showcasing the finest
in gastronomy complemented by classic French techniques; a dedication to the
art of wellness; and a never-ending appreciation for modern and contemporary
design.” (The Sofitel Story). The Sofitel chain
currently has 122 locations worldwide offering over 30,000 rooms in its
network, while another 24 locations and over 6000 rooms in the pipework. (Sofitel Brand Factsheet). Although this
luxury brand says more than enough of its accomplishments on paper, in the real
world of accommodation to obtain good numbers and make profit takes a lot of
work. For brands to compete with competitors they must offer something the
other hotel isn’t, whether that is a product or service. If you can’t outshine
the competitors in some way you’re bound to get lost in the mix and with the
industry predicted to continue to climb with more people travelling from millennial’s
to retirees, you want services for everyone. It’s a perfect opportunity for the
accommodations sector the cease the moment. The guest is looking to feel like
what you do is catered to them as an individual based on their needs and wants.
The Sofitel chain is global brand and must compete by constantly following
trends in its modern and luxurious hotels while maintaining authenticity to the
brands history. By instilling the essence of the French culture in betted into
the local culture to create a harmonious pairing. Sofitel offers many things
other top brands offer but in doing this unique pairing, the Sofitel brand offers
their touch on the international market giving guests a different kind of
experience compared to it’s competitors. (Hotel Delopement:

Corporate Culture

The corporate culture within
Sofitel but as an employee to Accor hotels here only be described as a blend of
both edgy and formal. A company that’s driven to be ahead of the curve on
service and amenities. Although they can be seen as formal and proper, they are
full of surprises with projects and partnerships to further the business and
sustainable development. They have changed the way titles are seen to create a
more welcoming environment and to veer away from a strict formal corporate
environment which can cause a divide in this new age of the industry, “We do
not talk about ‘Human Resources’ anymore; now it’s Talent & Culture!
AccorHotels is Pursuing it’s drive to ensure its staff blossom and to introduce
a new way of working together” (Our Values: AccorHotels). A company who is
growing with the industry to continue its success across all its markets rather
then to to be left behind in old corporate values of how the industry was once
run. This point is made clear in another statement made AccorHotels;
redefined our traditional values – Innovation, Spirit of Conquest, Respect,
                        Trust – and
formulated two new values: Guest Passion, which reasserts our
                        passion for
hospitality and the strength of our humanist roots, and
Performance, which reminds us that we are part of a community,
                        driven by a vision
that does not take the short-term view, and that our
                        business growth
must also benefit the community at large over the long


company’s philosophy towards its guests and employees is;

promise made to our guests, Feel Welcome, is the counterpart of the
 promise we make to our employees: Feel
Valued. By valuing our talents, we instil progress in the individual and, at
the same time, the community. The goal is to make everyone a proactive agent in
their own growth and free to act independently so they can inspire and be
inspired. Make your profession a passion.” (Our Values: AccorHotels)

There philosophy is based on creating an
atmosphere of making everyone feel unique, have a sense of belonging, and drive
you to be the best you can. AccorHotels does this also by offering diversity in
the employees they hire. They believe in gender equality, social and cultural
origins, multi-generational synergy, and integration of people with
disabilities. They even offer employee surveys to get their feedback on how the
company is doing in 78 countries and 28 different languages.  This is clearly a company recognizes that
both employees and guests must feel valued in order to achieve the highest



Sofitel: Mission and Vision Statements

Sofitel brand doesn’t directly state their vision statement, but their parent
company Accor hotels says this about their luxury brand hotels, “Each of our brands
has its own vision.  Constantly improve our services, develop flagship
hotels in key destinations, firmly establish our leadership, aim for
excellence: that’s our vision for our Luxury and Upscale segment.” (Our Ambitions: Accorhotels).

Although Sofitel doesn’t give a direct mission statement, after deciphering
information, one could equate the statement; “At Sofitel, each stay is unique, for
our ambassadors offer a personalized, “Cousu main” service.
The secret of their art of hospitality: anticipate, satisfy, and
surprise.” (Key Concept: AccorHotels) to be there mission

        Accommodation: Micro/ Macro-
Environment Influences

The travel sector is the
back bone in the industry, they support the other sectors in bookings and
sales. They help to make reservations in various sectors such as accommodation
and transportation. Although this is not where the travel trade stops, customers
can package all this services in something tour package for a group and in some
cases for single travelers. The travel trade sector can be broken into two
subcategories; Retail, this all your travel agencies. The second, wholesale,
this encompasses tour operators who build relationships and packages with other
sectors in various locations then sell them off to the travel agencies.


Sofitel: Dream Job

Accor Hotels – Sofitel Brand


General Manager – Sofitel London St.

and Skills Required for Positions

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality
More than 20 years’ experience
10 years operational management experience or
3 years general management experience in luxury hotel operations.
Fluent in English
Ability to create positive, appropriate, effective, and sustainable
working relationships at all levels in all circumstances, both internally and
Plan for
both long-term and day-to-day operations. Recommend the hotel’s budget,
marketing plans, and business plans.
for the direct supervision of the hotel’s executive committee and indirect
supervision of all hotel employees.
and maintain the value of the asset
Owns and
manages the relationship with the owner
review and analyze competition, market trends, customer needs and comments


Leading by example and not just authority
Minor understanding of reports due to being on
a council in my teen years as the president
Extremely approachable and friendly
Build relationships easily and can maintain
them even through differences of opinions
Basic knowledge of property assessment and
appraisal due to taking a semester of foundation courses
Always well groomed, Image too myself and
peers is important especially when representing a brand.
Firm but understanding of circumstance using
empathy then figuring out a solution that works personally and for the
benefit of the business.
Customer service oriented. Communicates
efficiently both behind the scenes and on the front line.
Shift Manager at spa. Understanding on
inventory, service, cash handling and balancing, and cleaning practices.


Skills to

Complete the Hospitality and Tourism Diploma
program with a GPA over 73%
Apply for the Business Admin Degree-
Hospitality and complete with strong marks.
Understand the workings of reports and budgets
beyond entry level.
Obtain work experience by working my way up
the chain of command at the Sofitel brand.
Build an understand of company assets and the
maintenance of them.
Improve speaking with confidence
Taking the initiative more often
Politic understandings and policies
Understanding market trends and influences
both nationally and internationally.

Accommodation – Sofitel: Why This Career Choice?

In the beginning of
starting this report I thought I wanted to work in travel services sector but
after researching factors in the sector I decided accommodation would be a more
secure alternative. On an economic standpoint, it is predicted that in Canada
alone there will only be shortage of 830,000 unfilled hours in 2020 which will
drop to just 200,000 unfilled hours by 2025 for potential new workers. The
accommodation industry on the other hand is predicted to have a shortage of
24.84 Million in 2020 which will rise even higher in 2025 to staggering 38.08
Million unfilled working hours in the industry. (The Future of Canada’s Tourism Sector). Accommodation is
offered everywhere in the world, regardless of where you go wither its
corporate chains or locally owned. These places aren’t going to disappear but
will only continue to advance. If I look at the industry itself, I think I need
that face to face interaction and building relationships with colleagues to be
happy where I am. A balance between the behind the scenes and front line. I’m
looking to enjoy my future abroad as I went abroad to England at the age of 20
for two years. Its where I fell in-love with culture and travel. I felt more at
home while abroad then I have ever here in Canada. After returning home I set
out to make sure within a few years I’d continue my journey over seas again.
The idea of hospitality and tourism career popped into my head, it offered
everything I wanted; To be outside Canada, meet new people, and experience the
world and the cultures it offers rather than just learning about it. Some may
say these are silly or that I should consider putting roots down, but I believe
I was born with a gypsy spirit. I need to go everywhere and see everything. I
believe if on my death bed I couldn’t say I witnessed and experienced the
world, I will have wasted my life.

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