Careem flatarchy i.e. a form of internal

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Careem operates on a structure which is a mix
of all the structures (functional, divisional, matrix and flat hierarchy). At
the top level there’s a CEO and then there are three founders looking at three
different domains:



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Capital side

Furthermore there are sub-hierarchies which
includes regional VPs. It has two divisions, mountain peaks, which are basically cities and a base camp which is Dubai. Cities have a
very autonomous hierarchy, it has a General Manager, supply managers and
marketing managers that have teams of their own (teams have two other layers).
Base camp has a structure which assists all the mountain peaks and the things
that needs to be implemented or discussed. There are many functional teams
because of many special projects that creates a situation that some members of
growth team, support team and marketing team etc. get up, combine and execute
the project and then move on.

Careem uses a newer type of structure which
is flatarchy i.e. a form of internal structure that flattens the hierarchy and
has a very loose chain of command, it also gives its employees great independence
and freedom of expression. The company gives its employees liberty to express
their views and encourage them to voice their opinions even if they are wrong. Instead
of very strict vertical hierarchy, Careem operates on a lean and horizontal
structure. It also has some aspects of matrix structure i.e. an employee, in
lieu of reporting to a single person, works with different teams­ on multiple
things. As one of the employees said, “I report to regional head but I also
work with the team in the base camp which is in Dubai. I also work with the
national team which is in Karachi. Also the people who report to me also work
in multiple teams”. A line manager overlooks the work but the command isn’t
very firm. The company focuses on the idea of getting the work done by giving
everyone the opportunity to contribute. The region heads are called general
managers under them come the supply managers and different functions are
controlled by them.

Careem has a horizontal structure with very lean and non-strict hierarchy. Careem
values its employees and doesn’t burden its employees with a lot of rules.

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