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Cameron is one of the best explorers in the country. Right now he is exploring in a place called Edgebury which is an ancient hill fort that is on the edge of a town called Trehampworth. Tremhampworth is an ancient town that few people live in or visit. The people that visit get killed, but Cameron has come to this place to figure out what is really making everyone die. He is joined by his friend Kirsten; she is a clever detective and brings her german shepherd named Tabitha. Cameron brought them because he needs her help to solve this mystery. Two days after they get there Kirsten’s dog Tabitha ran in the woods. “We should split up,” said Cameron.”Maybe that is a good idea. I will go right and you can go left.” Kirsten said to Cameron worriedly. Cameron goes left and starts to call for Tabitha, so far he has had no luck. He continues to walk but he hears a noise and starts to run towards the sound. He trips over something, and when he looks to see what he tripped over, he finds a dead body. Cameron screams, and Tabitha comes running toward him with Kirsten right behind her.”Cameron what’s wrong?” she asked worried. She notices what cameron is pointing to and starts to examine the body. Cameron gets up and calls the police. When the police arrive, they inform Cameron and Kirsten that they have limited resources and can not provide much help. Kirsten asks “Can I help? I am a great detective.” The police officer said “Sure, we can use all the help we can get.” The next day Kirsten gets to work and goes to where the body was transported. She starts by looking at the body and realizes that no one would recognize the face because it was beaten so badly it was deformed. That’s not what killed her. She was stabbed 20 times. Kirsten took fingerprints and ran them through a database. She found out that the dead body’s name was Faith, and she lived in Texas. There were a lot of things she learned about Faith. Kirsten and Cameron go out to find out what Faith was doing so far from home. They went around asking people questions. They asked this guy named Marcus if they knew the victim, and he told them that he didn’t. They found out that the victim was staying in a hotel on the other side of the town. This puzzled Kirsten because why would someone that is staying on one side of the town be found on the other side of the town. They go back and question Marcus because they found out that Marcus knew Faith. They ask Marcus a lot of questions like where he was on the night she was killed, but he had an alibi. He told Kirsten that he was at his cousin’s birthday party until 10pm, and he told her that after the party he went home with his girlfriend. Kirsten and Cameron went to check the validity of his alibi.Kirsten went to the forensic building to see what they found out. Faith was beaten with a wooden object, and she was stabbed by a steel weapon. They kept questioning people, but they never got any closer until more bodies were found. Kirsten began worrying because this body was more decayed than the first one they found, so it was harder to get fingerprints. They did a dental test to find out who this person is. It took them 5 days to figure out who she was. Kirsten found out that the bodies that were found have only been female, and they were visitors in this town. For days the police kept looking for more bodies, and they found over 5 bodies in total. Kirsten kept looking for more evidence, but the only thing that the murders had in common was the stab wounds being made with the same weapon.Kirsten begins to make a suspect list. Marcus is at the top of the list because part of his alibi didn’t check out. Marcus paid a girl to be his girlfriend because he thought he would look suspicions.  She continued to question people and someone came forward and said they saw Marcus with all five girls before they died. Kirsten races to the court and gets a search warrant. She shows up at Marcus’s place and hands him the warrant. She grabs Tabitha from the back of her truck and has her sniff for bombs or other dangerous stuff.Kirsten starts looking for wooden and steel weapons. She began grabbing and and testing the different weapons for blood. Kirsten found what she was looking for. She found a wooden bat that had traces of blood on it. She also found a steel knife with a lot of blood on it. She put the weapons in an evidence bag. Kirsten goes back to the forensics building to see if the blood matched the victim’s. The lab tech said ” the blood match the five victims that we found but there are 4 mysteries blood samples. Kirsten goes to find Marcus to arrest him. When she found him she put him in handcuffs. “Marcus you are under arrest for the murders of five girls.You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you? With these rights in mind, do you wish to speak to me?” says Kirsten. Marcus replies” I want my lawyer. NOW!” She takes Marcus back to the police station. In a few hours he is taken to the court to he what his bail is set to. The judge says he can’t have a bail. The defense attorney hands the prosecutor a blue paper the says The judge wants to see us in the judge’s chamber. The prosecutor goes to the judge’s chamber to see why he wants to talk. The judge says” The attorney that the defendant hired is telling me that marcus needs to be seen by a psychologist.” The psychologist meets Marcus in a private room at the courthouse. Marcus is asked a lot of questions about his health and if he sees or hears voices. The psychologist tells the judge that the defendant needs to be put in a mental hospital for further treatment. Marcus is sent to Tremhampworth Mountain Mental Hospital. They are a poor hospital so they don’t have much security. Marcus as a few people visit him each day. As marcus sits there he is coming up with a plan to escape.He figures out that he can use a widow to get out because the windows aren’t locked. He opens the window and and climbs out. He begins to walk and sees a girl that looks lost. He walks up to her and ask. ” Hey are u lost?” she replies “yes i am extremely lost. I am just visiting so I am just winging it.” “Maybe i can help you.” Marcus politely offers. They walk to an alleyway and he tells her it’s a shortcut.  He walks behind and has he walks he grabs a metal pole. He brings it up to a batting position.  He swings and hits her multiple times till he notices that she is dead. He gets scared so he drops the weapon and runs back to the mental facility. This time he is not thinking and he runs through the front door and gets seen by five nurses and one doctor. When Marcus gets back to his room he washes his hands. The police and kirsten are at the crime scene and they notice that the murder was brutal. The killer left a lot of evidence and he left the murder weapon behind. Kirsten bags up the evidence and clues. She takes them to the forensics building and has them run the stuff for prints. A few days later she goes back to the forensics lab and asks them what they found. They tell her that Marcus’s prints were on the murder weapon. She gets puzzled because marcus is in a mental place. She goes to the hospital and asks the nurses if marcus left his room at any time last night. The nurses say yes he did we saw him run through the front door. She checks the security cameras to make sure the nurses weren’t lying. She see Marcus run through the front door with blood on his hands. She goes to his room and arrest him once again. He is put back in a jail cell till his trial.When the trial began he said he was guilty and he should go to jail. He told the judge “Why should i have a fair trial when i killed innocent girls.”The judge charged him with Second degree murder. The police put him in a very secure prison. While he is there the other prisoner start to hate him because he is sarcastic, rude, and he likes to steal people’s stuff. The guards begin to hate him because he starts riots. They finally have enough of it so while Marcus sleeps the guards suffocate him. The guards also get the prisoners to help them by hanging Marcus from the ceiling. The police never investigated the case because he murdered people. Cameron, Kirsten and Kristen’s dog Tabitha leave Trehampworth. Kirsten tells Cameron. “looks like another mystery solved. Where are we heading next?” Cameron replies “I don’t know yet, all I know is the next place will have another mystery.”

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