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Caiden CarpenterMr. PooleELA 7January 25, 2018                     Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to use phones in class. We should be able to use phones in class.

It is efficient,  convenient, and more accessible. Computers are bulky and take time to start up, phones are quicker and you can just pull them out of your pocket easily. I will go into more detail about why phones are more efficient. Computers are also expensive must kids have phones so it would probably be smarter to just use phones. The first reason this essay will go over is that phones are way more efficient to use rather than computers. Depending on the kind of computer you get it could be slow.

You can do almost anything you can do on a computer on a phone, Phones are basically mini Computers. A counter argument is that kids can get away with doing other stuff on their phones. Well to solve that issue all that needs to be done is have kids but the phone on the desk and if they put it on their lap have them put it up. Then all that needs to be done is monitor the phone usage while it’s on the desk.The next reason that will get discussed in this essay is the price.

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Computers are costly, phones are cheaper, depending on the phone you get. By the age of 11-13 most kids have phones, so why not use that to your advantage? It would save money to only buy so many computers and let the kids who don’t have phones use a computer.The third and final reason that phones should be allowed in schools is that phones are very accessible.

Phones are small and compact you can just pull them out, and most people carry phones on them. On the other hand computers are big and bulky they can take quite along time to start up, phones don’t usually take that long unless it is a older phone. This essay was to explain why it is more efficient, saves money, and is more accessible to use phones. So to restate my claim we should be allowed to use phones in class.

Phones are quicker more efficient and accessible, computers aren’t really compact not always efficient.                                                    

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