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By working in a Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) setting, employability
skills can be defined as ‘a set of social behaviours and skills that can help
you to learn and interact with others in a variety of different situations and
will help you with your career development’ (Hind and Moss, 2011, pg1).
Employability is having skills, appropriate knowledge and understanding on the
industry which will allow me to have greater advantage in obtaining employment
(Trought, 2017).  Employability skills
include ‘communication, interpersonal and social skills’ as well as ‘teamwork,
body language, using your own initiative, technological and time management
skills’ (Hind and Moss, 2011, pg19).

As part
of my assessment for this module I have to complete a CV as many employers use
this as a main source in order to check the eligibility of the individual to
see whether they meet the requirements for the job, as a CV has great impact on
the chances of being recruited (Burton, 1986). I have to also make a cover
letter ‘business transmittal letter’ (ibid) which is, ‘a very document that
first introduces you to a prospective employer’ (Farr, 2011, pg 2-3). I had to
also fill out an application form which would help for potetnial career
opportunitiies. This will allow me to prepare myself for entry a graduate
employee in the Health and Social Care sector. Participating in a mock
graduate interview assessment allowed me to understand and prepare for the type
of questions I would be asked in an actual interview. I was able to understand
what level of knowledge and communication I would need to possess in order to
be employable. To successfully answer the interview questions, I will use the
STAR Model as this model will assist in giving structure to my answers and also
allow me to outline what I have achieved academically and practically (Atwal
and Jones, 2009). To efficiently meet the learning outcomes a self-assessment,
action plan and a structured reflection was carried out for me to realistically
attain these employability skills once graduated.


To boost my chances of gaining employment I met with my
Personal Academic Tutor, spoke to lecturers and had various numbers of meetings
with the career advisors in order to understand what is currently happening in
the careers industry allowing me to recognise how I can improve myself to stand
out from the competition around me. I asked my mentor to assess me in one of my
sessions and give me critical feedback on how I performed with my fellow
leader. My mentor also gave me constructive criticism on the skills and
qualities I currently possess and we then had a 1-1 discussion on how I could
improve on my personal and professional development as Yorke (2006) highlights
the importance of developing a range of skills and personal attributes building
up the chances for graduates to be employed (Yorke, 2006). Also, by completing
the self-assessment I have been able to identify which skills I need to mainly
focus on.

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To critically analyse my current situation and set myself
realistic goals I used the DOTS Model by Law and Watts (1977, 1996). ‘Although there are
different theories and developmental approaches to careers education, the most
widely used framework in the UK has evolved from the dynamic relationships
between Self, Opportunities, Decisions and Transitions’ (Williams, 2016).
This model allowed me to cultivate on my career development and improve on my
employability skills. The four stages of this model: self-awareness,
opportunity awareness, decision-making and transition learning (Williams, 2016). I will have the ability to recognise my strengths, research my
opportunities and progress for my future, as well as enhancing my academic
skills by being up to date and setting goals through action plans to accomplish
my desires.

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