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Business proposal
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Business concept
– An exclusive bakery

Name – Bakeology
In Canada Bakery
market consists of the 8.6 Billion dollar value sales in 2016 as
registered. Therefore, it has grown rapidly compared to other
countries (Consumer Trends – Bakery Products in Canada – Agriculture
and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), 2018). It also includes frozen bakery
market. The growth was stagnant during the time 2006 – 2011.The
products that were sold during this time, were gluttonised. But with
the awareness of dietary food needs in the customers, it has become
imperative that the companies starts considering that in their main
business model. Though there had been major innovation in the food
products, low fat as well as gluten free products were not produced.
The whole grain products and environmentally packages and natural
products were avoided due to more sales return in the frozen and
baked goods.
Therefore, Bakeology will concentrate
on the fresh baked, gluten free products with all natural
ingredients, keeping the customers of healthy and wealthy. It will
also diversify among the baked goods with time. At the initial stages
it will sell frozen bakery and desserts of all kinds, sourced
directly from the home baker’s of Canada. It will also hire chefs
of international reputation and train them about the main motive of

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Main motive of the
work would be to concentrate in the environment friendly packaging
which will help in increasing the social image of the Bakery (Bryman
& Bell, 2015). Marketing campaign for promotion will be held in
the company utilising the social media as well as other means of
promotion. The purpose of the media would be to promote as well as
get feedback from the target customers. The major differences will be
shown to the customers. The prospective customers will include the
all ages and lifestyle of people. The health conscious as well as
sweet lovers of Canada. All sorts of sweet tooth includes the
demography of the customer segment. Online and counter service will
be available (Nguyen, 2015).
The pricing of the
baked goods will consider the competitive pricing. Canadian bakery
industry have a larger market as well as giant competitors like
Loblaw’s, Sobeys and Kellogs. In the initial stages promotional
pricing will also be used. Later stages of product life cycle, the
competitive pricing and value pricing will be used.

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Canada – Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC).
(2018). Retrieved 26 January 2018, from
Bryman, A., & Bell, E.
(2015). Business research methods. Oxford University
Press, USA.
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Online Bakery Concept.

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