?Breast exhausted. Emotional status is that she

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?Breast Feeding
Teaching Plan
Teaching Plan
Subjective Information:
Mother is considering breast feeding as an option, but is unsure of methods and benefits in comparison to bottle feeding. Is unsure about herself and whether or not she will be able to perform necessary tasks required to breast feed successfully.

Objective Information:
Mother is 34 weeks pregnant, 20 years old, gravida one, para zero, previous smoker who quit after learning of pregnancy at two months. She works part time at a church and baby-sits occasionally, while attending college classes as a full time student.

Clients Readiness and Ability to Learn:
Mother is a high school graduate and also attended technical school where she learned to be a surgical technician. She is currently enrolled in more college classes and is hoping to further her education and become a Registered Nurse. Physical status is good, but mother is a little exhausted. Emotional status is that she is very ready for baby and excited about its arrival. Is ready for pregnancy to be over.

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Nursing Diagnosis
1. Risk for ineffective breastfeeding related to anxiety and inexperience with
breast feeding as evidenced by client showing signs of anxiety and
stating that she is unsure about herself and her capability to perform
the necessary tasks that are needed to be successful in breast feeding.
1. Learning Objectives
A. Client will learn benefits of breast feeding as compared to bottle feeding.

B. Client will learn different positions for breast feeding that may make the process easier for her.

C. Client will learn proper methods for successful breast feeding.

D. Client will be more sure of herself and be able to make the decisionof whether or not to breast feed, based on newly learned information.

2. Outline of Learning Content:
1. Assess clients exposure to and knowledge about breast feeding, including
any misinformation she may have previously acquired. Allow time for
question and answer session about any concerns she may have.

2. Demonstrate to client various breast feeding positions and allow
her to practice and try them using a life-like doll. Assist her, possibly with
the use of pillows, and help her to accomplish the individual positions.
Continue with this until she is comfortable in performing all of the
positions, and has found at least one that she thinks will work well for her
and is confident in executing.

3. Show client how to initiate her babys rooting reflex. Also show her the
proper way for her baby to grasp her nipple and nurse successfully.
inform the client of the consequences if this is not done successfully (ex.
breast pain and insufficient amount of milk to the infant).

4. Advise client of feeding schedule for the new baby that is most beneficial
for both the child and the mother.

5. Demonstrate for client the proper way to remove infant from the breast
and advise her that this will prevent any pain or trauma to the nipple.

6. Tell client process of beginning feeding on next beast once first one is
emptied. Instruct client to begin the next feeding on the breast that is
opposite of the one she used to finish the last feeding. (This one should
now be full and noticeably firmer than the other breast.)
7. Provide instructions about proper nipple care (no soap, lanolin to prevent
drying and cracking).

8. Instruct client importance of wearing a well fitting bra at all times as this
may prevent a lot of pain and discomfort, and therefore probable
unsuccessful breast feeding.
Teaching Methods:
1. Lecture
2. Hands on learning using the doll
3. Instructive and illustrated pamphlets about the importance of and process
of breast feeding.

Method of Evaluation to be Used:
1. Return demonstration from client demonstrating various positions and

2. Client will be able to verbally express the importance and benefits of
breast feeding.

3. Client will be able to make a knowledgeable decision of whether or not to
breast feed.

1. Teaching will occur in the privacy of the clients own home, as she has not
yet went into labor. This is where the client states that she is most

2. This teaching will take approximately one to one and a half hours to
complete. Only one teaching session will be necessary.

3. The clients sister will be present to assist the client and provide support.
The sister previously breast fed her children and

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