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Both my parents came to the US in
their teens, with little English and saw the importance of education. They
worked really hard to pursue their college degrees while caring for a family of
their own. Growing up, education has always been an important foundation.
Without education, I would not be able to achieve my greatest ambition: to
contribute to the health and well-being of my community. Throughout my life, my
teachers and professors have always help guide me. There are many professions
that would allow me to help people, I feel that nursing is the one that would
allow me to share my gift of caring for others the most. Nursing would allow me
to care for not just the physical need, but as well as their mental and
spiritual needs. There are endless opportunities, flexibility, and rewards associated
with a nursing career.

Throughout high school, I was
fortunate enough to have summer internships with Community Regional Medical
Center (CRMC). I was a part of a cohort at Sunnyside High School, known as
Doctor’s Academy. Through the program, I gained the opportunity to meet and
talk to many different medical professionals. I was surrounded with many
like-minded individuals who share the same passion and ambitions.

My passion for nursing grew in the
summer 2012. I had a summer internship with the OR (Operation Room) Department
at CRMC. I worked closely with a surgical technician and other professions. I
got a feel for what a day to day was like. I admire the challenging environment
and the team work and effort that goes on behind the scene. This rewarding experience
highlighted a side of nursing that I never knew. During this internship, I came
to realize that nursing is not just a profession; it is a commitment, a duty, a
service towards your community.   

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Senior year of high school, I
participated in the CNA program at Duncan Polytechnical High School. My
clinicals was completed at Oak Wood Gardens Care Center, nursing home. Through
the program, I had more on-hand patient care. I had clinicals on Saturdays, and
during the weekday, I volunteer at Addicott Elementary. It was a rewarding
opportunity. At Oakwood Gardens, that is when I understood that nursing is not
just about caring for the patient’s physical well-being, but also their
emotional and spiritual well-being. Doing the simplest thing, like putting
makeup on a patient can really brighten up their day. On the weekdays, I would
volunteer at Addicott Elementary, which is a school for disabled kids. I
absolutely loved it. I worked with 3rd graders, and I will help them
with coloring or help them with sensory items.  

I chose to pursue my LVN at Gurnick
Academy because I have heard many good things about this program. I have family
and friends who recommended me this program. I have a cousin who just completed
the program and he advocates that it is beneficial opportunity. I understand
that it is going to be a challenging but rewarding program.

Alongside a strong work ethic, I
believe that compassion and perseverance are the keys to success in any path.
What I seek in the LVN program is the opportunity to learn and serve within a
supportive and inspirational environment. As a LVN, my highest ambition is to
practice compassion to develop a trusting relationship with my patients. I look
forward to exceed the expectations of the program through a strong work ethic
and perseverance. 

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