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Boeing’s  Drone is a small remote controlled aerial vehicle operated at low altitudes used to carry cargo of up to 500 pounds.  The Boeing Drone was created in less than three months and tested in a Missouri lab by a panel of Boeing Horizon X engineers.  Its measurements are length 15 feet, width 18 feet, height 4 feet and weigh approximately 747 pounds.  It’s powered by an electrical propulsion system that allows it to land and take off from a vertical position.  Boeing’s competitor, Amazon claimed December of 2013, it too was developing Prime Air drone delivery service and has a weight limitation of five pounds sufficient to cover 90% of their retail market.  Both Boeing and Amazon’s drone travel within a radius of 10 miles.   These types of drones can be cost effective to companies in both monetary and time.  Boeing’s drone is being used as a prototype to better enhance/change the future of air travel and transportation.  Boeing recently released a military refueling drone, the MQ-25 built for the US Navy enabling the drone to refuel fighter jets midair.  The future of drones will have significant impact both positive and negative.  The negative aspect of drones is relatable to interference with current air travel, its limitations from weather conditions, functionality, propeller stabilization, privacy issues, etc.  As well drones may be used as weapons in military operations, as surveillance/spying purposes each sustaining high risk.  The positive aspect of drones for instance could be used with search and rescue where lives can be detected in a natural disaster where unsafe conditions exist for helicopters, or with the Ministry of Natural Resources tracking wildlife, Emergency Services carrying specific cargo within remote areas, etc.  Drones may also be used for recreational purposes as well, recording nature’s breathtaking images.There would be regulations in place, mandatory guidelines to adhere to in their operations and functionality.  The future is boundless in terms of autonomous technology.

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