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   ”Black as night, sweet as sin” (Neil Gaiman). American coffee, the drink that even Italians like.

Most Americans have turned their head to coffee drinking since 1770. It started as a boycott against the Colonists ”East India” tea monopoly and ended up as a way of life nowadays. More specifically, in a decade of coffee revolution, people developed a taste for coffee which continues to grow-being an artistic craft. Unfortunately, this long tradition is being inconsiderate and there is also a tendency to judge a cup of coffee just by tasting it. Regardless all the negative attitude towards American coffee, it is proved that is one of the best products due to several factors such as cultivation, health benefits, and industry. As a matter of fact, if we take a look in our cup of coffee, an entire world will appear in front of us, revealing somehow the reason why many people, even coffee lovers won’t examine further the taste. Therefore, to understand why American coffee has the finest quality coffee beans we will have to dive inside the cup and start exploring that world. Starting our journey from the ground of the beautiful island of Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean where the ‘Coffea’ plant is hosted.

Nature in the tropical Hawaiian Islands provide a very unique and favourable environment because the coffee plant it is native to tropical climates itself. A major factor that defines Hawaii a beneficial place for cultivation are specific elements of the land, like climate, altitude, and soil type. First of all is the weather with lots of sunshine, clouds that cover that protect the plant from the direct rays of the sun, temperatures never below 12 Celsius and most important abundant rainfalls. Along with the weather comes the high elevations, where coffee must be grown up to 900 meters or more. Then we have the type of soil, the slopes of the hard-volcanic soil define the medium-bodied taste of the American coffee together with the elevations. Besides that, these coffee plants have actually come far away from its native land, Ethiopia, one of the finest and well-known coffee plants in the world, ‘Coffee Arabica’. Therefore, there is no need to have any doubts about whether or not to grab a cup of pure American coffee over types of beans.Everybody loves the sweet smell of coffee, who would think that just by smelling the coffee can benefit your brain by stimulating good feelings.

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Another reason why we should consider drinking American coffee is its beneficial health effects in our bodies. Most of the time people mention coffee as an incredibly harmful beverage, but there are actually plenty advantages we do not know. Based on scientific research, some of the most surprising benefits for both young and old people includes protecting against cancer, specific liver disease, lowering risk of heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer. Now considering younger generations who might be interested more in other benefits like it’s fat burning effects, high antioxidant activity, metabolic boosting, energy levels boosting, and the fact it can provide you with essential nutrients. Although there are still side effects that are unavoidable if there is no moderation in consumption. Avoiding heavy consumptions of coffee and preferring filtered coffee over espresso is also a healthy choice to make for several reasons. Firstly, because it is medium-roasted and usually a diluted drink, thus lighter. Secondly, the specie of Arabica contains about 50% less caffeine than other species, like Robusta.

Thirdly, Americans coffee brewing method, one of the most popular methods is another reason why we can consume a bigger amount. It is used by pouring hot water onto the grounds of the coffee then allow it to brew, as a result, the more water we pour the weaker we make it. Besides health benefits, one last factor you should drink American Coffee is because of it’s pureness, a product 100% organic. After cultivation, coffee industry and the process of making the coffee affects also the quality of the final product. In Hawaii, coffee production is one of the top 5 Industries, making the country’s economy flourishing and creating job stability for the residences. Although the industry has expanded over the years, it’s progress is quite different from any other industrialised area, where coffee farms are mostly small independent family businesses. With more than 650 farms, every owner grows the coffee first hand and eventually every single farm is likely to produce coffee one of a kind.

They are so passionate with their work that they also host walking tours, an unforgettable experience from the growing of the bean to the cup of coffee that you taste for free. However American coffee might be not in a high demand comparing to other countries like Ethiopia for obvious reason like high market prices. The coffee is quite expensive because the farmers earn federal wages and profit also health care and other benefits. In case there are people that have tried American coffee, the also known Kona Coffee, and still felt disappointed it is not just because of the quality. One more point to consider is when buying coffee products is good to read the label and always avoid ”coffee blends” because when they blend with cheaper quality coffees the taste changes.

To sum up, coffee represents a part of every country’s culture and a tradition on several occasions, making it almost impossible not to adapt in that way of life. So instead of jumping into a bad coffee brand, why not pick American coffee, a brand cultivated first hand by the owners and which quality is guaranteed. At the same time, you choose to benefit and protect your own body from dangerous toxins that low quality coffees may contain while helping independent farmers to support their businesses producing one of the most aromatic coffees around the world. A coffee that it is proved as one of the best products due to all the factors mentioned above, like cultivation, health benefits, and industry. A strongly recommendation is that any time you have the chance to visit Hawaii, the coffee festival is a great opportunity for everyone to evaluate by themselves the pure Kona plants.

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