Billy the ballet teacher liked Billy so

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Billy Elliot is an 11 year old boy that lives in Everington, England. He is a boxer but isn’t very good at it and doesn’t like boxing very much. Billy lives with his father, brother, and grandmother. His mother recently died. Both his dad and brother are on a strike and his grandma has Alzheimer’s disease. Billy’s childhood was very rough. One day after Billy’s boxing practice he decided to stay to train alone in the hall. While he was training there was a ballet practice next to him. The daughter of the ballet teacher liked Billy so she tried to get him to join the practice. Billy listened to her and decided to give it a shot. Billy didn’t turn out to be that bad at ballet. Billy joins the ballet class without his father knowing. Billy was really progressing in ballet. And his ballet teacher mrs. Wilkinson thought that Billy had potential and helped him out a lot. Billy hid all of his ballet stuff under his bed. One day when Billy was on a ballet practice his dad walked in and saw him. His dad banned him from going to ballet practices but Billy was very passionate about dancing and went secretly to ballet lessons with the help of his ballet teacher, mrs. Wilkinson. Billy’s ballet teacher mrs. Wilkinson thinks that he is ready to go and study at the Royal Ballet School in London but due to his older brothers arrest he missed the audition. After that, his ballet teacher went to talk to his father about the audition and his father and brother were shocked. They were both very mad at him and raged and considered Billy to be gay. And they were both against the idea of Billy becoming a professional ballet dancer. Over Christmas, Billy realizes that his best friend Michael is gay. Billy was not gay but still supported his friend. Later, his dad catches Billy dancing in the gym and realizes that his son is very talented. He then changes his mind and wants to help Billy to achieve his dream. Billy and his father were earning money with help of their neighbours to get to the audition. Even though his ballet teacher wanted to pay for it. And his dad stopped striking to go to work to earn money for Billy. Later, Billy and his dad went to the audition. Although nervous Billy managed to performe pretty well. And then later they found out that Billy was accepted to join the school. And he left his home to go to the ballet school, where he never got a chance to see his grandma again.

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