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Big data

This article is intended at providing an insight into big
data, its usage across various industries and segments. So, let’s get started.

In simple terms, Big Data is the process of gathering,
storing, and analyzing voluminous chunk of structured and unstructured data
through various sources, for better decision making. In other words, it is too
complex for traditional data processing applications to store both structured
and unstructured data, so Big Data is needed

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While the concept of Big Data has gained impetus since the
early 2000s, it has started to make an impact across industries, and sectors
ranging from education, healthcare, telecom to engineering,

 Usage of Big Data in Engineering and Construction Firms

While Big Data is one of those catchwords which is often
heard a lot in the Information technology world, one may wonder as to what is
its relevance in the engineering and construction space? Well, in today’s
world, where more and more data is getting digitally stored, it has become
imperative for engineering and construction firms to use Big Data to undertake
multiple projects with different specifications and timelines, each of which
requires a detailed analysis. Big Data is used in different stages by construction
firms such as

analysis – Perhaps, this is the biggest benefit of using Big Data in
construction industry. Due to the increasing use of 3D mapping and
pre-construction analytics, firms are reaping the advantages of Big Data, in
the form of lesser paper work, easy to access information about project plans
which often act as ready reckoners. With the end result being lesser, cost
efficient project plans replacing the traditional project planning techniques

scheduling of construction work – This being a seamless transition from
traditional paper work to modern techniques such as latest construction methodologies
such as 3D BIM (Building Information Modeling), Big Data helps in precise
scheduling, and most importantly timely management of construction work by providing
digital access of every aspect of the work undertaken.

of building and construction equipment –  Very often, the tools and equipment’s to be
used at the construction site get lost or misplaced leading to huge losses for
the construction firm. With the advancement of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), it has
become not only feasible for the firms to keep a track of the materials but
also become inevitable to function smoothly without RFID tracking.

Work related data –  In today’s
fast paced world, where competition is pretty fierce amongst all the
construction firms, this is one differentiating factor which sets apart a
successful firm from the other not so successful firm. In fact, it is impractical
to document and collate all the data in paper based form. Also, conversion of
the paper based data into digital data is an unnecessary cost for the firm. Big
Data helps the firms to have instant access to all the field work related data
to ensure the smooth and uninterrupted flow of work at the construction site.
Also, it helps identify potential deviations in the field data, and helps
rectify them immediately, which is certainly not possible in the traditional
technique of having all the field data in paper based form

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