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Bible Survey Method Paper

The way of
man is not in himself, it is not in man who walks to direct his own steps. The
purpose of Jensen’s book is to help understand the structure and purpose of the
New Testament section of the Bible.

stated the purpose and aims of Survey study is as follows: To see each part in
its intended emphasis, and to see each part in its relation to the other parts.
(Jensen, 1981, p. 86) Everyone has a
purpose. It is the reason for being here. In seeing each part in its intended emphasis,
the surveyor will not become entangled into the meaning behind a scripture or
it’s true intents. Gathering material and supporting evidence clearly and
logically in a way to obtain details to help break down
the scriptures is key in the intended emphasis.

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When creating notes and highlights for surveying it would be
a great idea to use Habit 2: Begin
with the End in Mind, from the book, the
7 Habits of Highly Effective People. (Covey, 1989) By opening with a
clear destination, it will make the steps to the surveying progress flow in the
right direction.



The three procedures necessary to the survey method are getting
acquainted with the book, working with the individual segments and lastly seeing
how the book holds together. (Jensen, 1981, p. 88) The timing to do
what the Lord has called a person to do will work out in divine order. The same
is for the procedures. In Covey’s book, HABIT 3: Put First Things First is in correlation
with the survey method. (Covey, 1989) Prioritizing the
details of the scriptures or book of the bible is the same as prioritizing day-to-day
actions and surveying what is important. By getting acquainted with the scriptures
or books of the bible, the surveyor can see and understand how it’s all joined


When the
Lord calls us, he also enables us. He gives us direction and he speaks to our
souls. The use of Jensen’s manual as a guide for survey study is like the Lord’s
direction. “The main purpose of this study guide is to help you see for
yourself much of what each book of the New Testament says.” (Jensen, 1981) Using different guides,
supporting materials, and the tools for survey study is crucial to get the most
out of the entire “Survey Method of Study.”

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