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            Benjamin Franklin
was one of the Founding Fathers of this amazing country. He was born on January
17, 1706 in Boston, Massachusetts. Benjamin Franklin died on April 17, 1790 in Philadelphia, PA.
Benjamin Franklin was one of the most interesting people that this world has
ever known. His main resources he used for his discoveries was his mind. He
wasn’t really a hands on person, but he was thinking one day that he could
change the world forever. He started making inventions like the Franklin stove, and
the Bifocals. Their were many more that he invented but those were some of the
main ones. The bifocals were a pair of eyeglasses having lenses with two parts with
different focal lengths. That invention was amazing. If it wasn’t for him then
almost everything we have in today’s life would probably not exist, but he did
discover this amazing and revolutionary thing that would change this world
forever. This discovery was called electricity. 
Benjamin Franklin taught himself everything he new, but doing so helped
him achieve degrees from Harvard, Yale, England’s Oxford University and Scotland’s
University of St. Andrews in Scotland. He wrote a book called “Experiments and
Observations on Electricity,” published in England in 1751. This book explain
what was his theories on electricity and he had brought himself to go into a
field with a kite and a key tied to it so that he could be struck by lightning.
In 1723, Benjamin Franklin moved from Boston to Philadelphia and lodged at the
home of John Read, where he met and courted his landlord’s daughter Deborah.
After moving to London in 1724, Franklin returned to Philadelphia in 1726 to
find that Deborah had married in the interim, only to be abandoned by her
husband just months after the wedding. Benjamin Franklin also had a part in
creating the Declaration Of Independence. He signed the bottom of this document
along with fifty-five other
representatives of the thirteen colonies. He also helped with the U.S.
Constitution, and he negotiated the 1783 Treaty of Paris ending the
Revolutionary War. He was truly one of the most amazing and ambitious people of
his time. Maybe even of all the life there’s ever been on earth or in all the
galaxys. Benjamin Franklin’s father Josiah Franklin was a candle maker. He had
seven children with his first wife, Anne Child. 10 more with second wife, Abiah
Folger. Ben was one of the youngest children out of his brothers and his
sisters. He was the 15th child and youngest son. At the end of 1732, Benjamin
Franklin published the first edition of Poor Richard’s Almanack. In this book
that he wrote it stated the weather forecasts, astronomical information and
poetry, Benjamin Franklin published this book for 25 consecutive years.
Franklin became a member of Philadelphia’s city council in 1748 and a justice
of the peace the year after. In 1751, he was elected a Philadelphia alderman
and a representative to the Pennsylvania Assembly, Two years later, he accepted
a royal appointment as deputy postmaster general of North America. He was
eventually elected to be the governor. In Conclusion, Benjamin Franklin was
very interesting with his studies and his accomplishments that he has done in
his lifetime.

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