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Bellicon Plus Mini Trampoline 44-Inch with Screw-In Legs Review – B01N0E9LF3Are you looking for a full-body exercise routine? Do you want to add a fun element to your regular workout? If yes, then here is a great recommendation for you. The Bellicon Plus Mini Trampoline 44-Inch with Screw-In Legs promises to deliver what it claims. It has a compact design, that is space-saving and easy to store. This rebounder is designed in such a way that users can get the most out of their workout session without compromising on their safety. That’s not all! It has a lot more to offer. Read the detailed review about this remarkable product below to explore more of its features.High-quality constructionMade in Germany with a standard 44-inch diameter, the Bellicon Plus trampoline has a bouncing area of 32 inches, which is wide enough for 2 individuals. Its frame and legs are made from high gauge steel to offer an increased strength and durability, and to keep the apparatus lightweight. Moreover, the bungees of this rebounder are made from formulated polyisoprene, which provides a superior strain-free bounce, while the fabric sheaths around them are Oeko-Tex quality certified. Instead of natural rubber, this model comes equipped with synthetic rubber that is safe for users with latex allergy. Constructed from woven polypropylene, its mats are UV resistant, thus making this trampoline perfect for outdoor use.Customized to your needsBellicon Mini trampoline flaunts screw-in legs for quick and easy assembly, and features built-in pressure dampening feet to offer a secure grip. It comes with an adjustable ‘T’ shaped stabilizing bar to provide extra support and balance. This model is available in 5 varieties of bungee strengths, for differing body weights, to suit your individual fitness needs. Furthermore, this mini trampoline is made of bungees instead of springs, thus making it noise free, and suitable to use anywhere, outdoors or indoors. In addition to this, you can buy this rebounder in a variety of colored bungees and mats to give a personalized touch to your product. Specs and features • Product dimensions: 45 x 45 x 4 inches• Weight: 45 pounds • Brand: Bellicon USAPros• It comes pre-assembled• Suited for both, outdoor and indoor use• Customized online fitness program and instructional DVD are included • Can be customized• T-shaped bar included for balance • Total-body fitness solution• Sturdy frame• Foldable legsCons• Expensive, but worth your investment VerdictAlthough costlier than other rebounders, the Bellicon Plus is more durable and long lasting. In addition, its frames come with a lifetime warranty, while mats are available with a 5-year warranty, and can also be bought separately, which means minimal hassle while upgrading. Unlike other trampolines in its class, this model is highly customizable to meet individual requirements; whether that’s athletic training or creating a fun outlet for your kids. This mini rebounder can be used both, indoors and outdoors; therefore, your exercise routine won’t be disturbed, regardless of the environment. Overall, it provides the best quality for its price, making this product a rewarding investment. Why don’t you buy it yourself? 

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