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Being a SAP BI Developer in Cognizant Technology
Solutions, my main assignments involved 
collecting data from varied sources like Data warehouse and Relational Databases,
cleansing data(maintaining uniformity and checking validity of data) and
generating reports describing different aspects of the business. As I am
responsible for creating customized reports for the weekly meetings of
management, I am am
often called on to produce reports with little turnaround time.
This helped me in learning to prioritize and evaluate many tasks simultaneously;
choosing the most time- effective solution. However, not having sufficient
domain knowledge, my work is currently limited to developing and testing the
technical aspects of the report. For validating the business correctness and developing
business solutions from the generated reports, we need to consult the Analysts.

I aspire to pursue a
Master’s degree in “Management Information Systems”,
, to build up a better understanding
of the strategic alignment between Information Technology and Business. There
has been a substantial increase in the amount of data generated and accumulated
by organizations.  Whether it’s building a model to anticipate consumer
behavior or measuring social media’s impact on the box office; MIS is the
solution to help companies effectively manage and to produce useful insights
from their data. A MIS degree, with focus on business processes, will help me
to design and implement solutions in an innovative fashion.

I obtained my undergraduate degree in Computer
Science from Swami Keshwanand Institute of Technology, affiliated to Rajasthan
Technical University with the grade ‘HONOURS’. In my undergraduate study, I
have been exposed to diverse topics ranging from Operating System, Computer
Architecture to Data mMining
and warehousing. These courses have helped me to build
a strong foundation in Computer Science and laid the necessary groundwork for
pursuing graduate studies. Due to my inclination for analytical problems,
during the last two years, I chose Management Information Systems and Data
mining as electives.

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During my Uundergraduate
tenure, I was heavily involved in both technical and non-technical
co-curricular endeavors. Being a member of the Annual Techno-Cultural Fest
team, I have successfully coordinated and collected funds for an event ‘Robo-War’.
With around 60 teams participating in the contest, it was a tremendous achievement.
These responsibilities have helped me build my leadership skills.

I am also a part of Cognizant’s corporate
volunteering program, Outreach. I had the opportunity to go to government
schools to teach basic math to 5th and 6th grade students.
Also going to old age home on weekends has made me more confident and
comfortable in interacting with people of diverse age groups.
I believe volunteering is a process not merely to enjoy and receive but also to
give back to the society.

There are several
reasons behind choosing the Carnegie Mellon University. The MISM program
offered is unique in a sense that it is well rounded in technical, commercial,
financial and managerial aspects. Learning about accounting,
finance, and decision making under uncertainties will aid me to understand
about business goals and thus provide better business solutions. Of particular
interest to me is the high quality fundamental and pioneering research going on
to answer the role piracy plays in the new technology adoption and social welfare.
Identifying whether piracy is acting as a productive or a damaging role in
technology adoption is important not only from an academic perspective but also
from the policy perspective. Besides, the campus is littered with student
activities and clubs. The flexible curriculum along with the positive feedbacks
that I have received about your university from some of your
alumni has influenced me to seek admission into your university.

With your rrepute
in the field of my choice, you do have a lot to offer me, and at the same time, I am sure that my previous academic record and vast work
experience in the field will help me tide through the challenges and achieve

I sincerely hope that I qualify all the requirements
for admission into your Graduate Program and that my application is favorably
received by the admissions committee.



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