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Beginning In the beginning, Tallkit (the main character) and his denmates are exploring WindClan camp. As they explore the camp, Shrewkit teases Tallkit and tells him that he’s going to spend his entire life underground. Tallkit denies that but wonders if he will, due to the fact that both his parents are tunnelers. However, Tallkit wants to be a moor runner, a cat that runs on the plains, catching prey. Later on, Sandgorse, Tallkit’s father, wants to teach Tallkit how to tunnel. As Tallkit kept digging, his paws thrusted into the hole he was digging and crashed into the hole. He started to choke on the soil, but Sandgorse saves him by dragging him out by his tail. After that experience, Tallkit is upset, no longer wanting to follow in his father’s steps. Sandgorse tries to make him feel better, but Tallkit is still upset because he hurt his paws. MiddleTallkit is about to get his apprentice name, and so is Shrewkit. Barkkit, another one of Tallkit’s denmates instead wants to become a medicine cat. When Tallkit gets his apprentice name, Heatherstar, the leader, makes Tallkit a moor runner instead of a tunneler. WindClan, however, is running low on tunnelers. The tunnelers disapprove of this, especially Sandgorse. Tallkit is now known as Tallpaw.  After that, Dawnstripe, Tallpaw’s mentor, shows him the moor, the main part of WindClan camp. A bit later, Tallpaw hears Palebird and Brackenwing talking about some visitors. Tallpaw asks Dawnstripe about the visitors, but Dawnstripe asks who told him about them, and says that he shouldn’t eavesdrop. Thing is, Palebird and Brackenwing weren’t really whispering. Soon after, Dawnstripe tells Tallpaw that each apprentice has to spend some time in the tunnels. The tunnelers lead him to the main tunnel in the gorge that they’ve been working on, but as they dig, water bursts through the hole, and although the cats are running for their lives, the tunnelers seem to enjoy the thrill of running. But Tallpaw is terrified. Dawnstripe is told about this incident, and tells Heatherstar. After a talk with the deputy, Heatherstar makes an announcement that the tunnel being digged in the gorge will be discontinued due to safety reasons. Sandgorse is outraged and blames it all on Tallpaw, and refuses to speak to his son. A few moons later, the visitors have arrived – a group of rogues named Reena, Bess, Sparrow, Mole and Algernon. Although the rest of the clan treats the rogues as old friends (because they are), Tallpaw and Shrewpaw are unsure of this. When Dawnstripe, Algernon and Tallpaw come back from hunting, they see Sparrow covered in mud. Tallpaw asks where Sandgorse was – because they were digging together – and Sparrow tells Tallpaw that he lost him. Tallpaw doesn’t understand how he could just leave him there, but Sparrow tells him that there was too much water and mud. As the rogues rush up to Sparrow, Tallpaw wants to find his father and rushes into the hole they were digging in. Trying to dig to his father despite the heavy layers of mud, he also almost gets buried alive, but Woolytail (one of the tunnelers) drags him out. When one of the cats say that Sandgorse joined Starclan, which is basically heaven for warrior cats, Tallpaw is furious at Sparrow. Although all the other cats are worried for Sparrow, Tallpaw’s hate for them just grows stronger and stronger. End When the rogues leave, Tallpaw is still furious at the rogues, despite the clan being positive towards them,  and still thinking about his father. When Tallpaw gains his warrior cat name, Talltail,  he still has the rogues on his mind. In order to avenge Sandgorse, he decides to go and find the rogues and kill Sparrow. When he reaches Twolegplace, which is basically a town,  on his journey to avenge his father, he notices a cat with orange fur being cornered by a dog. Talltail helps the cat by attacking the dog and scaring it away, and tells him to stay away from dogs. A few moons later, Talltail is starving and needs some food.  He sees a nearby torn-down shack and sees a dead rat inside. He eats the rat, but feels pain in his stomach soon after. It turns out that the rat was poisoned. The orange-furred cat sees Talltail, and goes to his owners and leads him to Talltail. Talltail then wakes up in the cat’s home – a Twoleg nest, or to us humans a house. The cat tells him that his name is Jake. He tells Talltail that he led his housefolk over to him and tells him about a vet. Later, Jake comes in to eat.

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