“Beauty”: How does it
differ  from  people 
to people?

Beauty is the basic outlook which
represents the overall personality of an

Individual.It cannot be completely defined
through the senses as it also

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Depends on the experiences of an
individual.Beauty does not depend

on physical appearance because it can be
faded anytime but the nature

or attitude remains the same.


To advent with,there are plethora ways to
observe the real beauty.

“Thinner is better.” Cynara
Geissler(330).Being thin just helps a person

have a good personality but not the sympathetic features that a

person has for beauty.The real beauty is
indicative of a person good at

heart and soul


Furthermore,there should be proper criteria
to observe the beauty of

People.”More than that, in accepting your
body as it is, you help to

create a culture that respects and values
the diversity of all bodies”

Cynara Geissler(332). This above line
signifies that one should accept his

 bodyshape how it is rather than to complain
and enter into a world of

respecting and valuing cultures by
indulging in different people.In addition

to this, it helps a person to get
broad  and even help to become physically

and socially beautiful.


However, individuals usually appreciate in
a casual way as they see someone.

For an instance, if a troop of people
appreciate a girl in the bus. Her confidence

 would likely make responsible all the men.In
addition to this, the men cannot dishearten

the girl and the girl will even feel
secure.Appreciation is usually transferred by heart and it has a long lasting
effect on the perspective person.


Probing  further, it is the inner beauty which has an
indelible imprint on the society.It is true that the features like a beautiful
face, shape are just determined by genetics and there is no contribution of the
person.Thus, feeling of happiness, compassion is more important rather than
just observing the physical features


To conclude, I would like to reckon that it
is better to have inner beauty which is the real beauty rather than just the
facial beauty.Having the inner beauty may bring new experiences, dedication in
our lives and may help us to do good works in our lives.


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