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Be a Maverick! Be different! Be successful! Always be a high achiever in anything you do! When I heard these words in a video on youtube, I decided to use this quotation for all my future decisions.


Since the first day of elementary school every teacher or relative used to say: “what would you like to become?” and my answers were always different. Due to the fact that my interests have changed over the years, I have never been definitely sure of what could be my future business.


I was born in the twenty-first century, the age of technology, and when my uncle gave me my first pc for a birthday present when I was 6, technology became an addiction for me. This passion has increased over the years, and when I was 12 years old I started to watch on YouTube many videos on how to assemble a pc, how to start programming and my curiosity was extending day by day. I have realised that my interest in computer programming can only be given justice by applying for a Computer Science related course, as I want to broaden and enhance my basic knowledge enabling me to reach a fruitful and interesting career path in technology companies such as Google.

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Even though computer science will be an essential part of my university studies, I have not been discouraged by the fact that I did not have the convenience to pursue an IT studies course due to the lack of technological facilities in my school. My course has a wide Maths program and I also had the opportunity to participate in many maths competitions, which has given me the data and the confidence to empower my skills in order to reach an excellent level preparing me for a computer science course.


This dedication has increased over the years, simultaneously with another subject: economics. Everything that is happening around the world is connected with economics phenomenon and studying this subject allows the students to acquire employability skills, very different from each other but still relevant for any kind of occupation and gain the capability to understand the psychology of individuals and how they interact with each other. To expand my knowledge, this summer I spent a month at Goodenough college in London where I pursued a business course. It was a prolific experience which gave me the opportunity to learn the basics of economy and comprehend how to set up and run a business. I particularly appreciated the improvement that this course has brought to my style and technique of discussing a topic likewise the precious practice of working in a team.


Furthermore, I decided to benefit from this experience by taking the early session exam in Milan at Bocconi University, where I have been accepted on to the International Finance Course in English. When I heard the news I was ecstatic because I managed to deal with all the pressure and the expectations of my parents by succeeding in this confrontation. However, as I am a high achiever, I wish to apply to a UK university, to be able to gain an insight into European economics within the UK as well as improve my English studies.


During my free time, I usually go swimming, as I believe that it can have an important effect on my health. I am really competitive with myself and for this reason for the last 5 years, I have started to perform in some competitions trying to reach the best level. Moreover, to gain some experience and to be sure of my studies, last summer I helped my father in his company in the accounting department and dealing with foreign clients. I am confident of my experience and I consider it essential for this forthcoming challenge.

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