Basic systemPresident: Nursultan NazarbayevPrime minister: Bakhytzhan SagintayevImportant diplomatic

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Basic country research:Capital: AstanaPopulation: 17.8 million (in 2016)Language: Kazakh, Russian Location: AsiaReligion: MuslimGovernment type: Presidential systemPresident: Nursultan NazarbayevPrime minister: Bakhytzhan SagintayevImportant diplomatic relations:Allies countries : see link Enemies countries: Kazakhstan’s president Nursultan Nazarbayev said that “Kazakhstan has no enemies. All of the international community’s members are friend of Kazakhstan.”Trading partner: see link Information about country that relate to topicKazakhstan’s position in human right is defined as poor by independent observers (people other than Kazakhstan’s citizen) as it had been under HRW’s lists. HRW ( Human Right Watch says that  “Kazakhstan heavily restricts freedom of assembly, speech, and religion.”In 2014, the authority had charged and even put into prison dozen of peoples after their protest, a harmonious but illicit one. They were finned and confine worshiper for attending religion outside of state control.Government critics along with opposition leader Vladimir Kozlov remained custody after unfair trials. Torture remain common in places of custody.  Condition in Kazakhstan prison are generally hard and sometimes deadly and their serves was not at an International standard level. Prisoner’s health was treated in many cases, or prisoner condition irritated them.Refugees had to face different challenges to achieve a job and social assistance from the government. By law refugees had the privilege to work, with the exception of engaging in individual entrepreneurship. Refugee have faced difficulty to approach the labor market due to local employers’ lack of awareness of refugee rights.The government was forgiving in it’s medication of local refugee.Eventually, the application of the National Human Rights Action Plan will be achievable for Kazakhstan to achieve accomplishment in the formation of a legal government, the strengthening of governmental and public mechanisms for human rights protection, and the establishment of a developed civil society at the level of commonly acknowledged international standards. Other violating countries Syria, Somalia, Turkmenistan, Libya, Cuba, saudi Arabia, and North Korea have violated and are under the UN watch list for countless violations towards human rights

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