Based on the data provided by
Susan.B (2010), Table 1 shows that use of social network site activity
contribute twenty-third per cent (23%) among adults. By this data, it has proven
that social network play an important role to be as the main platform to
promote product and services in any types of sector or industry. This is
because people are more attracted to play with their smartphone because it is
friendly user and can bring to anywhere.

choosing which social media platforms to analyse for this study, Twitter and
Facebook were selected because they have millions of users, a strong
participation from companies and organisations, and differ widely in services,
reach, and usage. Furthermore, when undertaking a pilot study in April –May
2011, it became clear that the most common social media platforms DMOs
participated in were Facebook and Twitter (and less often, YouTube.) Therefore,
in an effort to analyse as much data as possible from the DMOs on consistent
platforms, Twitter and Facebook were selected. Facebook, launched on 4 February
2004, has over 750 million active users, 50% of whom log on to the website
daily (Facebook, 2011.)

and organisations create and maintain an official presence on Facebook to
engage with consumers. Twitter is a micro-blogging website that was launched in
13 July 2006 (Jansen, Zhang, Sobel, & Chowdury, 2009). Via Twitter, users
can send 140-character messages, called 4 S. Hays et al. Downloaded by Indiana
Universities at 04:28 12 July 2012 ‘tweets’, that answer the question ‘What’s
happening?’ (Schetzina, 2010b). Twitter is primarily about now, as it is
excellent for current events and crisis communications.

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to July 2011 statistics, with over 175 million users, Twitter is by far the
most popular micro-blogging website. Whereas most ‘friends’ on Facebook have
met off-line, it is common for users of Twitter to ‘follow’ accounts of those
they have not met in real life, such as celebrities, bloggers, new
organisations, comedians, or other personal users with whom they share similar
interests (Ross et al., 2009 cited in Stankov et al., 2010). Organisations see
Twitter as a new, ground-breaking way of reaching out to, interacting with, and
understanding the consumer behaviour of millions around the world. Given its
popularity, influence and usage by both consumers and businesses, Twitter was
an important site to examine in this research.

media is particularly relevant since tourism is an ‘information-intensive
industry’ (Gretzel et al., 2000, p. 147; Wang, Quaehee, & Fesenmaier,
2002). Consumers obtain information to assist in the trip-planning process and
to make informed decisions about destinations, accommodation, restaurants,
tours, and attractions (Chung & Buhalis, 2008; Ruzic & Bilos, 2010;
Thevenot, 2007; Xiang & Gretzel, 2010).

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